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Alico Systems is an innovative product development company. Our development solutions address the Consumer, Industrial and Military market segments with products such as Mobile Wireless Computing Platforms for Image Processing, Voice, Video and Data Communications; phased array beam steered antennas, RF Transceivers, Microprocessor and FPGA electronics; and Wireless Sensor Networks for Remote Monitoring and Control. Our key products include mobile satellite communications terminals, VoIP PBX, wireless computing systems, broadband wireless networks, and motion sensor platforms. We architect and deliver turn key solutions for our customers.

Featured Technology Innovations @ Alico


Active Electronically Scanned Array SATCOM On-The-Move Technology

Alico has been developing innovative solutions for our customers for over a decade. In our most recent project, Alico personnel invented the world's first distributed all electronic phased array On the Move Satellite Terminal which solves critical operational and personnel safety issues for our customers. This terminal operates in X-band supporting the XTAR and WGS satellites. Alico developed the product from concept to a tested prototype in 18 months. This terminal referred as SAXBA Distributed Broadband has been cited by our customer as the advanced technology solution by the US Army DESSTA initiative.



VoIP Products & Solutions

Alico has been developing with VoIP solutions for the past five years. Our technology solution provided VoIP telephony solution for narrow band SATCOM applications. Utilizing the MELP vocoder we were able to provide toll quality voice calls over a Geo satellite using only 2.4 Kbps per call data rate.

For commercial enterprise solutions we offer end to end VoIP telephony solutions from the office desktop SIP phones, to a VoIP PBX to SIP trunks. Alico also offers hosted VoIP PBX services for small businesses who want feature rich PBX telephone services without the need for inhouse IT staff.

Technologies Products Services
2D Low Cost Planar Phased Array Antennas

  ●  Ka, Ku and X-band operation

Synthesized digital up/down frequency converters

On the Move tracking systems

Digital satellite beacon detection & tracking

Mobile Adhoc Wireless Networks

Real time Linux software

Embedded FPGA firmware

Web based satellite terminal element manager

Mobile wireless network management software

Distributed X-band SATCOM On the Move Terminal

X-band BFT SATCOM On the Move Terminal

Synthesized X-band RF Transceiver providing Up/down conversion

Motion Sensor Development Kit

VoIP PBX -Turn key phone system

Broadband Wireless fixed site P-P and P-MP

  ●  Public 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands

  ●  WiFi routers with integrated high gain antennas

Systems Engineering

Communications and Network Engineering. MATLAB analysis.

Antenna design using HFSS

RF Microwave Design using ADS/Momentum

Microprocessor and FPGA based digital design

Signal processing design based on VHDL and Verilog

Mechanical and Thermal Design using Solidworks

Software & firmware development based on Linux, C, C++, Python, HTML

Systems Integration of mobile wireless and satellite networks


Alico was selected as subcontractor on the US Army CERDEC/S&TCD TAOSS IDIQ Contract under the CACI and Nexagen Prime Contracts

Alico was selected as a subcontractor on the US Army EIS/PM DCATS CTS IDIQ Contract under the CSC Prime Contract

Alico was selected as a subcontractor on the US Army PM WIN-T GTACS Contract under the Raytheon Prime Contract

Navy Seaport-e Contract Win: Alico Systems team has been selected as a prime contractor on the Navy Seaport-e IDIQ project on 12 July 2012. Check out the links below:

Navy Seaport-e: Navy Seaport-e Portal

Alico Systems: Seaport-e Project Web Page

Last Updated 04/24/2014