Introducing Alico' s X-band SATCOM On-The-Move Terminal Product Line

Alico Systems is introducing the Small Aperture X-band SATCOM-On-The-Move Terminal named as SAXBA (see data sheet). It is being developed for use in next generation Blue Force Tracking (BFT), and Command, Control & Communications (C3) applications. The terminal is based on state of the art phased array technology with an embedded networking modem, autonomous antenna pointing & stabilization system and plug and play IP networking capability. The terminal has a small foot print of 11"x11"x6"H and provides full hemispheric coverage.  Designed to operate on the DoD's Wideband Global System (WGS) and Loral's XTAR satellite constellations. This WGS SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) terminal will be the smallest MILSATCOM terminal on the market. Product deliveries start from July 2011.

Come and see us at MILCOM 2011 in Baltimore, MD from 7 November 2011 to 10 November 2011.