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Alico Systems helps engineer customized solutions for our customers in commercial and military applications. Our services organization can provide support in the areas of systems engineering, communications engineering, software development and test. Alico also provides a set of high technology specialized products which include commercial broadband wireless and military satellite on the move terminals. Our solutions utilize best of breed industry technologies to engineer a customized solution to our customer needs. Alico Systems is involved in the development of wireless and mobile network solutions for enterprises. Our area of expertise include Local, Wide Area, Satellite and Ad-hoc Wireless Networks for voice, video and data. Technologies include ATM, IP, MPLS, VoIP, Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless Networking & design for QoS in networks. Alico is leader in the architecture and development of wireless networks supporting mobile computing applications including SATCOM On The Move solutions. Product development expertise at Alico includes SATCOM On The Move terminals, Wireless Sensor Networks and Network Management Systems. Alico has extensive experience in the integration and deployment of wireless broadband networks providing point to point, point to multipoint and mesh network solutions.

Alico Systems offers the following services to plan, manage, define, specify, architect, design, develop, integrate and deploy systems.

Project Management

  •  Technical Management
  •  Cost & Schedule Management
  •  People Management
  •  Subcontract Management
  •  Supply Chain Management

Systems Engineering

Product Development

  •  Antenna Development (UHF & Microwave) using HFSS and ADS/Momentum EM Simulators
  •  RF & Microwave Circuit Design
  •  Digital & FPGA Design
  •  Signal Processing Design
  •  Sensor Applications Design
  •  Real-time Linux Software Development
  •  Control Systems Applications Software
  •  Mechanical Design using 3D mechanical using Solidworks
  •  Thermal Design and Simulation
  •  Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Production Planning

IT Services

  •  CLOUD SERVICES - Cloud Design, Cloud Migration, Cloud IaaS, Cloud SaaS, Cloud OS (Openstack, Cloudstack), Enterprise-class Cloud, Military-class Cloud, IT Operations Assessment
  •  NETWORK MANAGEMENT - Traffic Monitoring, Network Configuration, SNMP, Network Debugging, Topology Management, Resource Management, Manager of Managers, etc.
  •  SECURITY SERVICES - Data Security (Encryption - DES, AES, etc), Network Security (IPSec, DNSec, SSL,TSL, HTTPS, firewalls, etc), Computer Secuirty (Malware, Virus, ZeroDay, Spam, etc), IDS (Intrusion Detection System), Multi-factor Access Control, Biometrics, etc.
  •  MULTIMEDIA SERVICES - Audio and Video processing, coding, transmission, networked multimedia, multimedia conferencing, media storage, mobile multimedia.
  •  IT INFRASTRUCTURE - Infrastructure setup with networks, servers, and storage. 

System Integration

  •  Hardware & Software Integration
  •  Mobile Wireless Networks
  •  SATCOM On The Move Networks
  •  Satellite Ground Station/Hub

Last Updated 12/02/2015